I have a friend from Hawaii. He's a super rich guy who has a home in Hawaii, Tokyo, Caribbean, and Florida…etc. How do I know he's super rich? Regular people have 1 Dollar bills in their pocket as change. His pocket is filled with wrinkled 100 Dollar bills. I hope he tips me with them sometime.

Although I know him from work, we talk about a lot of different topics, such as NBA, women, MLB, women, and sexy women. Oh, did I mention women?

I would love to share with you guys some of the e-mail or pictures he sent me, but if I do that, this blog will be instantly restricted to any one under 18 years old. Next time you visit my blog, I'll need to ask you to certify yourself as over 18 years old before entering.

He has a big issue with my online ID, BYANG. He can't pronounce it, obviously. He also refuses to type it the way it is. He always calls me 「Mr. BANG You」, like it's my middle name or something. I don't get it, but after he uses it repeatedly in our back and forth e-mail, I get accustomed to it.

He uses this term very often when he talks about women, of course. On the other hand, I first learned this vocabulary when I was a kid, reading basketball-related articles on the Internet. After knowing him, I start to recognize – the words
「BASKETBALL」 and 「BANG」 are closely linked, in many ways you may know or may not know.

If you are over 18, please continue.
If you are under 18, please
leave NOW.

Nuh~~ Stop clicking. I'm just kidding. XD

Let's rewind to the summer of 2007. Another friend I met from the Internet, sgdyang, invited me to join their basketball-related entrance webpage project. When he contacted me, I was in China working like crazy. I only understand a small part of the idea, but I think it's a great one. I can share my thoughts on NBA with more people, and make our voice be heard from Taiwan. Readers can find a quality place to learn and discuss about NBA stuff. By interacting with more people, it can arouse more of people's interests on NBA. It can also help motivate me to keep going. It should be an all-win situation.

Only after I promised to join this project, I learned that its name is
BasketballBANG. How nice… I can't help thinking my ID is in the name of this project. Maybe it's destined, or maybe I'm thinking too much again. Anyway, all kinds of funny words keep popping up in my head. For example:

You can't have BYANG without a BANG.
There is a lot of BANG in BYANG.
BYANG gets a lot of BANG out of basketball.

Hopefully, I'll be able to share my funny thoughts and more with all of you.

I love to BANG.
This is BYANG.
You are about to see BYANG BANGS in BasketballBANG.

I love it! \^o^/

Stay tune, folks.

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  • sgdyang
  • 除了讚嘆之外,我不知道該怎麼形容你這篇籃球邦出師表了 XD
    太讚啦!!!!!! 所有作者群中唯一用英文寫的,還真是屌!!
    果然是有勇士隊的風格,就是不按牌理出牌,讓人嘆為觀止 哈哈~
    接下來的日子,一起加油囉~ Enjoying BasketballBang !!!!!
  • 讚嘆也掩蓋不了,到我回覆你的時候,這篇人氣還是只有個位數的事實...
    不過我也不在意啦,反正這篇只是抒發感覺而已。以後有機會的話,我還是會用英文寫一些文章,就當作是對自己與讀者的挑戰囉! ^_^
    You're welcome!!

    BYANG 於 2007/10/07 07:17 回覆

  • n103tr
  • §跟前♀夫○相☆識□六年§,﹂直♀到〇最☆近才看§清﹂楚♀這﹎斯☆會家庭暴﹂力﹎的﹎男﹉人,竟是﹂為﹎了﹎外﹉面的小三,﹎原﹎本﹉預期會有相﹎夫♂教﹉子○的美~好情﹎況♂,﹉真○想不~到電◎視♂劇發○生在~哀家○身♂上,§更生~氣﹋也○把﹌我手機﹋line對話紀錄資﹋料○和﹋照□片刪§除,﹌幸○好﹋上□網找§到硬♀碟○什☆麼□醫院§,data1,♀com,○tw順☆利□讓我§結﹂束♀這〇段☆婚姻